Custom Jewellery Design

Celebrate the occasion with a piece that truly stands out in the crowd. Dariusz Bebel has dedicated over 30 years to the crafting and re-inventing of momentous jewellery pieces. Each piece of Dariusz Bebel's hand crafted jewellery carries a dedication and meaning of its original owner, whether it is a pulsating engagement ring or a heart-warming gift. Dariusz' commitment to the creation of sentimental jewellery pieces are suffice to be recognized as perfection.

Gilding Works

A traditional art passed from the ancient times that combines dedication, passion and the well-polished skills of a gilder. Gilding includes the entire operation from preparation of the precious metal, to the process of mechanically attaching the precious metal on to the surface.

Paintings, Prints & Drawings

A mixture of colour, culture, and character defines Dariusz Bebel's unique brush art. In the early works of Dariusz Bebel, abstraction and other uses of aesthetics were often serve to manifest his expression and interpretation of the European culture. Detailed elements of intensity, color tone and rhythm can be witnessed in each piece to portray his motif.

Jewellery, Painting & Drawing Studio

Dariusz Bebel provides lessons in the arts of jewellery making, painting and drawing. With nearly three decades of teaching experience at his private studio and local post secondary art institutes, any beginners and experienced individuals with a passion for the arts and crafts will surely be benefitted. Contact Dariusz Bebel, who is conveniently located in core downtown Vancouver, to learn more about class offerings and appointments.

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